New album GHOSTS 25.08.2023 (Solar Lodge Records)

This time the journey leads into heavier realms.
Down tuned, monolithically stacked walls of guitars, thunderous drums and booming bass
that seems to come from the bowels of the earth itself.
On top of all that, psychedelic lush keyboard carpets and Ashley’s signature voice which clearly identifies this band.

With this album we’re not only starring into the abyss until it stares back,
we walk right through it and don’t shy away from drinking coffee and eating cake with the demons
living there down below. In this sense: „Let’s get haunted!“

3 singles are now available on Digital
A Haunting, Sacred Fear and Ghost Loop Remedy.

The Limited Deluxe Package includes:
+ Ghosts – CD Album
+ Shirt (Uni & Lady available)
+ Bag – Logo
+ Sticker Ghosts
+ Autographed + hand-numbered Postcard
+ Other Hauntings – remixes & outtakes – Digital EP

Available via Bandstore and bandcamp CD also available via Solar Lodge Records.
Bandstore Link: